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Air Purifying Respirator High Efficiency System With Welding Helmet
       The product is a kind of powered air purifying solar auto-darkening welding helmet that can proof dust and gas, integrating respiratory, skin and eye protection . Its filtrating precision is  0.3μm and filtrating efficiency is 99.97%. The glass of the Auto-darkening Welding Helmet will automatically darken, Dark Shade:5-9,9-13 (knob inside),which provides welders with eye protection against ultraviolet and ultrared rays .The PAPR is light in weight ,easy to operate, well-sealed, as well as fine filtering precision ,voluminous air pipe ,satisfactory positive pressure, and durable service life, big air flow supply .Besides, the air flow can be regulated (clockwise regulate high flow and anti-clockwise regulate low flow).It assures that in an environment with a poisonous and dense dust, people wearing this respiratory article could work with ease and merriment, which not only leads to a good welding job but also keeps welders healthy when in welding operation. Therefore this product is an optimum personal protective article in prevention of pneumoconiosis and protection for worker’s eyes.
Certifications: EN 12941:1998/A1:2003/A2:2008 TH3P R SL
1. Low speed: 10–11 hour life
2. High speed: 8–9 hour life

3. Charging time: 2.5 hours, >500 charges
4. Flow Rate Low:>170 l/min

5. Flow Rate High: 220 l/min
6. Filter rating:TH3P
7.Suspension: Belt and shoulder straps
8. Alarms:Audible and led
9. Viewing Area: 100×67mm
10. Dark Shade: DIN 5-9, 9-13
11. Weigh/ Materia: 1.2kgs , PA+ABS

12. Packaging: 4 pcs/carton( standard),N/G weight:10.8/16.5KGS,Size of carton: 520x510x670mm.
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