PAPR2 / EH-200

Short Description:

Air Filter Respirator Welding Helmet
The product is a kind of powered air purifying solar auto-darkening welding helmet that can proof dust and gas, integrating respiratory, skin and eye protection. Its filtrating precision is 0.3μm and filtrating efficiency is 99.97%. The glass of the Auto-darkening Welding Helmet will automatically darken, Dark Shade:9-13, which provides welders with eye protection against ultraviolet and ultrared rays.

Product Detail

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1. View size: 92*42mm
2. Dark State Shade: DIN 9-13
3. Switch Time: 1/30000s
4. Delay time: 0.2s-0.4s
5. Power on/off: Fully automatic
6. Weigh/ Materia: 1.2kgs , PP+ABS
7. Packaging: 4 pcs/carton( standard),Size:590*480*550mm,N/G weight:6.08/16KGS.

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